Our Partners

There's no doubt it always takes a team of people to make anything work, and below are the companies that help make My Fishing Place happen! We want to say a big 'thank you' to them, so if you are in need of any gear - these are your go-to guys!

Superior products create superior fisherman....And a whole lot of fun! If you are stalking fish in skinny water flats or chasing giants around inlets, docks, and bridges we have the actions perfect for the application. 13 Fishing products are built with the right blend of strength and sensitivity to both turn them and tease them!


Hard Korr Campers are camper trailers built for outdoor adventure! Great design and quality construction make these the perfect chioce for your next camper trailer adventure.



My Fishing Place Partners

Illusion Lures - hand crafted Australian lures built for Aussie conditions!



My Fishing Place Partners

Reidys Lures is well known in Northern Australia for designing & producing some of the best Barramundi lures in the world. We also have some great bluewater fishing lures & an extensive range of metal jig lures. Some of our smaller lures have had excellent feedback for species such as Trout, Salmon, Bream & Bass to name a few.



Quality hand made spinnerbaits that are designed to catch a large range of freshwater species - and are well know to catch big Murray Cod!



ZMan have revolutionised soft plastics fishing with their unique ElaZtech construction. Benefits of ElaZtech include its 10X Tough construction - allowing anglers to catch fish after fish on a single lure, super-soft and flexible realistic feel - which sees fish continuing to strike the lure until they find the hook and a built-in buoyancy that brings ZMan plastics to life in the water and sees them standing up off the bottom, tail up or claws up in a feeding / defensive pose that fish can't resist. Fish on!



Bring it on! Australia's favourite range of jigheads, blade lures, and micro jigs. From the skinniest backwater to the deep blue, TT Lures has a lure to get you hooked up!




Bringing Australian anglers over 60 years of legendary US lure making skill, including world championship winning lures and legendary actions. Every Bagley lure is individually hand-tuned and water tested to ensure its action is spot on, straight out of the packet. With Jarmo Rapala, former CEO of the worldwide Rapala Group and part of the legendary Rapala family now at the helm, Bagley is sure to continue their successful history of lure design and innovation.



Tackle Tactics - The home of Australia's favourite sportsfishing brands, including TT Lures and ZMan Lures. My Fishing Place is very proud to partner with Tackle Tactics as supplieers of quality fishing supplies.



THE WORLD'S MOST VERSATILE ACTION CAMERA. Dive, surf, cycle, climb, ski. Whatever your source of adrenaline is, there is only one camera that has the features and ease-of-use to be adventure ready right out of the box.



The ultimate in smart sonar fishing, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ uses integrated GPS to turn your Deeper into an amazing mapping device. Boasting a wifi connection that enables great range and huge data transmission, what sets the Pro+ apart is its integrated GPS. This enables it to create real-time bathymetric maps of the site you’re fishing, allowing you to pinpoint exact features in a way that was only previously possible using boat-mounted consoles. These maps can be saved and shared, and are available online and offline. With an 100m / 330 ft range and a scanning depth of 80m / 260 ft, this GPS enabled, map-making device is ideal for the most demanding anglers and the most extreme conditions.Main Features : GPS enabled mapping, incredible casting range and data transmission. Best option for : professional anglers, extreme fishing.